Crash Team Racing is a Crash Bandicoot game released in 1999 and the first Crash Bandicoot Cart racing game made.

It's the first spin-off of the Crash Series and it's the last Naughty Dog Era Crash game.

The most spread beta is the Version included in Spyro 2 Ripto's rage and is a near-complete version.

Beta ContentEdit

Old Weapon IconsEdit

A few of the weapons had different icons, such as the Turbo Boost had a sign that said SPEED.

Cut WeaponsEdit

There are two cut weapons in the game: one is a spring that let the player jump really high, the second is unknown, but looks a bit like a Warp Orb.

Old IconsEdit

Tiny, Polar, and Crash used to have different Icons.

Old TrafficlightsEdit

The sprites of the lights in the beginning of the race were less detailed than the final lights.

COCO LettersEdit

In Coco Park, there used to be giant COCO letters on a hill.

Wierd Roo's TubesEdit

Roo's Tubes used to be entirely lime-green because it wasn't been textured yet.

Early TrophiesEdit

Trophies used to be Silver instead of the usual Gold color.

Old Oxide StationEdit

Oxide Station used to have a much different layout, and a few of one of the many errors in the beta version.

Unique Starting LinesEdit

Each race used to have a unique starting line of its own.

Penta Penguin OdditiesEdit

Penta Penguin is a character unlockable only throught a cheat code. His racing stats are different from version to version: In the US version he has the same stats as Polar and Pura, in the PAL (European) version it has all the stats maxed out like Nitrous Oxide but has a short height of jump, in the japanese version he's more balanced and has a higher height of jump. When a player grabs a mask using Penta, the icon shows an Uka-Uka sprite but he'll use Aku-Aku: this bug has been fixed in the Japanese Version.

Nitrous Oxide CharacterEdit

In some first betas (not avaiable) Oxide was full playable, but it was removed in the final version because he might cause some glitches during a normal race. It was added to test his behaviour and for recording the Oxide's ghost datas in the tracks.

Scrapped CharacterEdit

There are two missing slots in the complete character selection: the first is Nitrous Oxide and the second is a Character that should have been inserted but was scrapped: it was an Hippo called Fasty.

The Completing Weird GlitchEdit

In some versions of the beta after beating Oxide the selected character falls from the sky in a weird transparent version of the Gem Valley. After a minute it stops fall and begins a race in the Slide Coliseum.