Crash Bandicoot is the first game of the series of the same name, it was released in September 1996 and has it's own prototype, buildt in the early 1996.

The Beta Version Of Crash Bandicoot is really different from the final release and has lots of different features.

You can see it here.

Pre-Release and Latest ChangesEdit

Before the release of the game, there were lots of odd changes compared to the final version. The Japanese version of Crash bandicoot, released two months after the US release, has some different soundtracks and a more advanced loading\saving system avaiable only with a Memory Card, like in the next Crash Bandicoot Games.

Early Boss Hitpoint BarEdit

Boss Bars used to be just yellow dots placed at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Old Main MenuEdit

The main menu used to be just a blue background with Crash and the Logo.

Old Idle AnimationEdit

When Crash looked to the side, he didn't have his mouth open showing his teeth.

Blue Stone in N. Sanity BeachEdit

The Totems and rocks etc., on N. Sanity Beach used to have a medium-blue color to them.

First Steps for Crash Bandicoot Edit

There is a very odd picture of Heavy Machinery, which is even older than the prototype. It has fruits instead of Wumpas, including Pinapples, Mangos, and Strawberries.

That image shows a rare pre-beta made in the latest 1995 for crash bandicoot, in that version Crash collects many fruits and not only one type of fruit. Infact, Heavy machinery is one of the first level ever made for Crash Bandicoot.

The Prototype HeroEdit

Crash Bandicoot developing started in 1995, the hero initially should have been called "Willy the Wombat", but was later renamed Crash Bandicoot.

Pink CrystalsEdit

In Koala Kong's Boss, the Crystals by Koala Kong were Pink.

Old OrnamentEdit

Papu Papu's hair ornament used to be Yellow instead of the final Blue.

Aku-Aku SpriteEdit

Aku-Aku used to be a sprite like his Map model in the prototype version of the game.

Frozen PlatformsEdit

In Heavy Machinery, there used to be platforms covered in a sheet of ice.